Our innovative approach to project intelligence allows us to combine SOURCING and achievements of projects in which we get involved helping focus on only the most profitable projects and opportunities.


We provide “INTEGRAL DEVELOPMENT ” for Industrial, Social &Educational Projects

Modular solutions will be the common way and preferred form of Construction of the 21st Century

Group Global World has developed a needs-based service proposal for emerging countries, call Global Solution. Providing Turnkey Infrastructure Projects.

Our objective is to actively participate in the implementation of all types of major infrastructure in an efficient, transparent and accountable manner thus to address social, climate and energy challenges.

GGW address systemic obstacles by being a catalyst developer and facilitator of innovative transformation projects that involve people and organizations.


GROUP GLOBAL WORLD offers a wide range of Services for transactions involving foreign trade and investment in companies .

We detects and creates business opportunities both on an export and investment level.

As Business Developers our primary mission is the implementation of protocols of project programs for their effective achievements, thanks to the background of our consultants and technical partners covering all areas under construction and industrialization.


In GGW, we have functional plans prepared for implementation in accordance with the need of our clients. In this line, we offer high-value added service. Innovation, design and technical solutions :

Modular architecture and building, introducing vanguard materials and innovative techniques.

We provide conceptual design and 3D infographics for the execution of projects such as modular schools and universities, dormitories, penal institution, affordable houses, industrial warehouses, Sports Centers, Police Station, Municipal Markets, Military Camps, Gas station Services ,Malls..

With the vision of creating an industry-leading comprehensive project and investment group company, GROUP GLOBAL WORLD has embarked on a development path of characteristic economy platform by creating its own business model and corporate culture BRINGING the combination of expansion and innovation, industry and capital, and the combination of talent and mechanism to form a sustainable development strategy of mutually beneficial cooperation.

The Group has established and followed the business philosophy of expanding innovation, putting people first, focusing on performance, and achieving win-win programs.

You are invited to log in our PARTNER AREAS, to know more about our programs and business development projects. An INNOVATIVE SOLUTION approach, for tailor-made solution that addresses individual and community’s needs.

We aim to help enhance your supply side management mitigating risks, facilitating access to a range of products in a fair trade. Our strategic factory procurement services and commitment provide our clients a strong and effective supply management of various products and materials.

  • Supplier sourcing
  •   Business negotiations
  •   Legal advice
  •   Technical discussions
  •   Order handling
  •   Quality control
  •   Logistics
  •   Supplier development
    ….and everything else you might need from a purchasing team in our company.