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GGW is a Spain based company that focuses on qualified Business Development Services worldwide, creating value by providing professional advice, ensuring strategic, practical and commercially oriented solutions.

GGW is a Development Company specializing in
optimizing value for our Global and Local Clients,
developers and investors within a wide spectrum of
Business and multi-sector industries.

Our services include investment management and
Business Development that ensure integrated solutions in emerging countries

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GGW is going GLOBAL boldly to face the industrialization and infrastructures challenges in developing countries, creating knowledge transfer between supporting continents, thus taking the initiative of solving technical and collaboration challenges, helping Companies, Governments, institutions, Foundation and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), deliver infrastructures that powers economies and respond to changing global conditions.

We offer a broad range of professional services in synergy with our technical and financial partners, ensuring always quality, continuity and efficiency in the performance of any project.


” GGW is your reliable partner for the expansion and growth of your business and  project “

GGW supports infrastructures development that can meet the demands of population and economy growth.

As a Supply Chain Management Expert, GGW also facilitate the sourcing of a broad range of products thru our network of clients to ensure safe transaction procedures and help secure long-term contracts to help meet any supply needs.

Thanks to our cross-cultural communication skills, our hands-on experience and our excellent Network abilities, GGW provides his clients tools to source internationally, making us their First-Choice allies in INTERNATIONAL COMMERCE (TRADE).

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Global World Consulting & Services (GWCS) is a global consulting that provides consulting services to companies and international organization.

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GGW Trading and sourcing

We detect and create business opportunities both on an export and investment level.

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GGW projects and investment

We work as an outsourced purchasing department, helping customers to get products they sought.